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jinorabendsair said: I get wanting to have someone to lean, kind of like a backbone. I just don't want you to get hurt if something happens because I've been there and it makes you feel way more depressed and lonely. Just try and find that something to keep you driven inside that is self reliant, that you love to do. Writing, drawing, singing, dancing, acting, photography,journaling, helping others, movies, books, volunteering. Have love, or others in general as a support that lends a hand when you're struggling.

But I ain’t good at anything.. She’s my perfect thing, something i can’t fucked up..
What do you mean by “i’ve been there”?

Today my friend noticed that i’m developing an eating disorder. i just can’t believe i fell into this. no, just no, please, i don’t need this. I swear when she made this remark to me, I was about to cry, because I knew. I knew she was fucking right. damn. 

"Oh, what a waste of a perfectly good clean wrist."

- Pierce The Veil